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Top 10 tokens based on Ethereum

Jul 02, 2017 Posted /  10678 Views

Top 10 tokens based on Ethereum

Top 10 tokens based on Ethereum:

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology which was proposed in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency developer, and programmer. Ether is a token of the Ethereum protocol for operating smart contracts on the network. It is an open network managed by the users and network where transaction details are stored in a ledger accessible to all the nodes in the network, just like bitcoin, but with a more sophisticated algorithm. Ethereum is a platform which enables programmers and developers to build decentralized applications. Before Ethereum was invented, the blockchain technology was able to be applied to a very limited number of applications. So the solution was either to expand the set of functions offered by Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency which is a time-consuming task or to develop an entirely new blockchain application and a new platform for it. Ethereum was built solve this disadvantage and to improve the functionalities of cryptocurrencies. 

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Having recently experienced a meteoric rise in the market value, Ethereum has a true potential to become a worldwide alternative for other crypto coins and in the investment because of its unique and excellent features. Also, the maximum number of crypto coins which are released are based on this excellent crypto coin. The coins released on the Ethereum platform in different industries have their own individuality and functionalities.

Here is the list of top 10 Ethereum based crypto coins or tokens:

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1. Polybius (PLBT) token:

The first crypto coin on the list is the Ethereum based Polybius token. By incorporating all digital technologies like modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies and by giving equal importance to security and UX requirements, Polybius bank has revolutionized the concept of banking. After ICO the investors can sell the tokens immediately and gain profits. And 20% of bank's shares will belong to the dividend token holders. Polybius token or blockchain share denotes the investors receiving a part of the company's shares. At the end of financial year, 20% of bank's profits will be transferred to ETH wallet and will be given to the investors. The total supply is 20,000,000 tokens. 

2. (GGS) token: (GGS) is an Ethereum based E-sports platform where individual players and teams compete in popular e-sports games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, etc. The biggest problem in any gaming platform is the fraud transaction and in-game cheating. The aim of GGS is to eliminate this via using decentralized, secure Ethereum for transactions. The GGS tokens can be used for playing in matches and win further tokens, as rank rewards, vetoing debated match results, organizing private tournaments, for betting events, etc. ICO for will last four weeks from June 20 to July 20. Anyone can invest in the GGS with ETH. there are other third party services for conversion to ETH if anyone has other cryptocurrencies. It has an initial supply of 120,000,000 GGS tokens.

3. BetOpen (BETOP) coin:

BetOpen is an Ethereum based sportsbook which works on blockchain technology. It is optimized for tablet, desktop, and mobiles in both iOS and Android platforms. It includes 30+ sports, hundreds of leagues and thousands of events. It's a platform for live betting and there are a colossal amount of bet types. It provides secure data encryption via HTTPS. Within 2 months of launch, the coin has gained immense popularity among the sports fans. The initial supply of BETOP coins is 100000. The ICO campaign is from June 17 to July. 16.20% of the tokens are saved as the first-week bonus for the users. It will be registered as ERC20 Ethereum tokens. 

4. FunFair (FUN) token:

The FunFair is a secure and decentralized gaming platform works on the basis of Ethereum smart contracts. They have solved the big challenges in the blockchain casinos with their technical expertise. As its name implies, it's a platform where the casinos are played fairly and securely. They have incorporated the Ethereum blockchain, open-source technology, and their 'Fate channel' solution to make sure that the users are getting complete security and transparency. The token of FunFair FUN is the currency of this new platform.Every participant in the ICO will be rewarded for their service in this FunFair platform. Their ICO campaign is held between 22 June and 7 July.

5. DCORP (DRP) token:

DCORP is an organization which stands as a group of smart contracts. DCORP usually manages their own developed token known as DRP. Along with that, it can receive ETH tokens also. Anyone can join DCORP as a shareholder or a contributor, anonymously through their Ethereum account. Anyone who owns any of the DRP tokens is said to be the shareholders who decide everything related to DCORP. It's an ICO Based on Ethereum. This crowd sale is a smart contract itself in which DRP tokens are linked to the account from which ETH are sent.

6. Giga Watt (WTT):

GigaWatt provides the users with customized mining services and ready packages suited to the clients’ needs which are the complete range of mining services and the repair and consistent maintenance for private blockchain servicing. It works on the Ethereum platform and has an initial supply of 30,000,000 tokens. WTT coins are used from the very first date of its release and its unique design allows very fast expansion. 1 token is 1 WTT which is 1 USD. 

7. OpenANX (OAX) token:

By utilizing the latest technologies and peer-to-peer and open source codes, the OpenANX platform integrates the existing CEM (Centralized Exchange model) model with the best functionalities and features of a decentralized blockchain technology. The OPenANX coins are built on the EThereum platform. It is combining the features of traditional systems like Asset Gateways into Ethereum payment channels like Ox, ERC20, Swap, etc. Asset Gateways take real-world assets such as EUR or USD fiat currency as its input and in turn convert this currency to ERC20  tokens onto the blockchain. The fund will be raised for the OAX token by ICO which will be happening from 22nd June onwards. There will be a second round for the ICO after the initial prototype of the platform is developed and launched.The total supply of the tokens is limited to one hundred million.

8. Suretly (SUR):

Suretly is a platform derived from a unique concept known as crowd vouching. Crowdvouching is the procedure of guaranteeing a loan payment by vouching money contributions from a large number of investors or co-signers. It has many advantages over the P2P lending platforms. In this, the vouchers or the investors don't actually lend any money to the borrowers, but they will act as a guarantee to repay the loan amount of the borrower in the case of borrower's default. Surely is releasing their token SUR and its ICO is planned to happen from July 11 to August 11 with a goal of achieving $1.5 million to $10 million U.S.D. Then SURcoin which is the highest investor will issue a crowd sale where all willing users can buy these tokens in exchange for different cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, Waves, etc. The initial exchange rate of SUR token will be 0.1 ETH or the equivalent of that amount in any of the other cryptocurrencies. SUR tokens will be released in Waves as well as Ethereum platform.

9. Spectiv VR ICO:

Spectiv is a platform for streaming virtual reality. Technology enthusiasts look upon VR as the next great technological invention. The tokens of Spectiv platform are two types Specs and Sig. Specs support internal platform functions like tipping, premium content purchases, and advertisement rewards. Sigs are ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain to increase the growth of the virtual reality industry. Users can earn Sigs by sharing virtual reality content on the platform. The ICO will happen for 21 days from 14th August to 4th September till 45,000ETH is raised.

10. Ahoolee ICO:

Ahoolee is the first cryptocurrency and platform dedicated to online shopping globally. The basic working of the platform is It compares the prices of a particular commodity from different online stores in a secure and decentralized platform and the authenticity of the comparison results are ensured using the blockchain technology. The main advantage of Ahoolee is that it can analyze the whole E-commerce market completely and its open source. Along with that, Ahoolee’s own cryptocurrency will enable users to purchase any items from any of the stores listed on the platform. Currently, there are almost 40 million stores in the platform which is increasing day by day. Ahoolee tokens or AHC tokens are built on EThereum platform and any user can buy the tokens from their website through digital wallets using BTC, ETH or even fiat currency.

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