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Top 11 ICOs for investment in end of August

Aug 20, 2017 Posted /  10862 Views

Top 11 ICOs for investment in end of August

Top 11 ICOs for investment in end of August


ICO START Date: 11 th September 2017

ICO END Date: 29th September 2017

Details about the ICO: Based on an ERC20 protocol platform, the GameCoin ICO token which is called GAME, is an ICO which is based on the Gaming industry, which is a different innovative idea to to bring revolution in this community. The gaming community which accounts millions of user worldwide, now have a platform where they can play and earn Coins. The investors can convert any coins into Game coins and vice versa on this platform. This Gaming platform is based on Ethereum blockchain technology, where an investor can even purchase in game goods and any other games, these tokens can be converted in real money, on any exchange platform. 600,000,000 tokens will be released in ICO and 25,000,000 will be for the various gaming platform.

2. OBSIDIAN Platform

ICO START Date: The ICO Sale is LIVE

ICO END Date: 26th August 2017

Details about the ICO: This ICO is based on C# platform, and first of the Stratis based platform, and has its own messaging platform called OSM, which has a cryptographic network where the messages are transferred through encryption method, has a decentralized, secure platform. The ICO has already crossed $1 million. The project has its tie up for the cryptocurrency communication via its APP.

3. PARAGON Coin Crowdsale

ICO START Date: The ICO Sale is LIVE

ICO END Date: 15th October 2017

Details about the ICO: This platform has entered the place which no one have ever thought about. The area of their interest is Cannabis. Yes! Cannabis. PARAGON has introduced its coin in the field of Cannabis. It is very different from other ICOs since it is an amazing concept to connect to Cannabis that to with the help of blockchain technology. But it is in a good way ofcourse, because their idea is to figure out and make people aware about the health benefits of Cannabis as recent time has proven that Cannabis has many positive effects for some ailments. It is based on the ERC20 protocol platform.


Pre ICO START Date: 1st September 2017

Pre ICO END Date: 30th September 2017

Details about the ICO: BitIndia is by far India's biggest blockchain technology exchange platform, where people can securely invest in their projects, by using cryptocurrencies like RIPPLE, Ethereum, Bitcoin. It has the potential and planning technique to bring change in the Banking systems of India. India will gradually accept and legalize cryptocurrency use, where this platform can be useful for all the investors to do the investment, exchange via their wallets and platform. This ICO is based on the ERC20 protocol platform.


ICO START Date: The ICO Sale is LIVE

ICO END Date: 15th September 2017

Details about the ICO: This generation is coming up with platforms which all are web based. Whether to access any information or acquire any service or product, everything is based on the Web. SUBSTRATUM thus  provides a freedom to have a decentralized web using blockchain technology which also involves the use of Artificial Intelligence. Based on the ERC20 protocol platform, it has launched its coin called SUBSTRATE, which can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies. This platform has the collection of nodes on which the web and server works on. Thus, this will enable people to have a self governed web platform where the user can also act like a Host.

6. Nexus Social ICO

ICO START Date: The ICO Sale is LIVE

ICO END Date: 17th September 2017

Details about the ICO: Social ICO is based on the ERC20 protocol platform, which has come up with the concept to integrate all the crowdfunding platforms and create an environment of a social media for the users where users can communicate over their secure Application. This will relate the thought of e-commerce and crowdfunding at one place. Since, the ICOs nowadays are increase day by day, there was actually a need for such kind of platform which can serve both as a social platform for cryptocurrencies as well as an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies.

7. COSS Token Swap

ICO START Date: The ICO Sale is LIVE

ICO END Date: 6th September 2017

Details about the ICO: COSS Token Swap is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, and is a ERC20 token. The uniqueness of this Token Swap is that it will give benefits to the investors on the basis of the revenue generated by the transaction fees, made via the exchange of cryptocurrencies. This ICO within a short time of its sale has registered over 5000 users. It has a special provision for the merchants where they can integrate their tools. It has also partnered with Jetcoins.  


ICO START Date: 20th August 2017

ICO END Date: 20th October 2017

Details about the ICO: As the name suggests, UMBRELLA COIN, it will actually provide and protect the insurance related issues faced by the people who take up insurance policies. People face various issues like where they spend so much in investment on insurance policy, but when they claim it,not everything goes as they were promised by the company, thus,  UMBRELLA has aimed to make it easy for people to have a risk free and beneficial platform where they are even involving themselves in the cryptocurrency world. It is an Ethereum based platform using the ERC20 protocol platform.


ICO START Date: 21st August 2017

ICO END Date: 18th September 2017

Details about the ICO: JUSTMAKE ecosystem is a huge system which serves a platform for its various products and services. The JUSTMAKE foundation is thus created to administer the development of the ecosystem. The JUSTMAKE tokens will serve as a purpose to be used for the upgradation and further investment needed for the ecosystem development. They have set up a team with knowledge in every aspect needed for the development like entrepreneurs, developers, technologists who will help them to guide in achieving the goal of making Justmake ecosystem a better blockchain based platform for the people.

10. FARAD Cryptoken ICO

ICO START Date: 25th August 2017

ICO END Date: 14th September 2017

Details about the ICO: We might not have ever wondered about an integration of blockchain and the energy storing ultra capacitors, but FARAD Cryptoken has made it possible to get the two technologies, of energy storage and blockchain together. The working will be like with the amount of generation of the ultra capacitors, which will be recorded on the blockchain, the tokens value will rise. The ultra capacitors will be used in many fields like Robotics, wireless communication etc. Thus, there are significant chances of the increment in the token values of FARAD as well, by which investors can really benefit. It is an Ethereum based Smart contracts.

11.  ATLANT Real Estate ICO

ICO START Date: 7th September 2017

ICO END Date: 31st October 2017

Details about the ICO: Real Estate has always been a hot topic for discussion as well as to invest in it. The majority of people see property as for the investment purpose. Because everyone knows that because there is development happening everywhere, the price of the properties will increase, which in any case will be beneficial. The ATLANT Real Estate ICO has thus made a smart move to combine the two technologies of cryptocurrencies and real estate together. It will be such an aid to people who want to property for rental based, as it will discard the third party for the people who are interested in renting. This is a peer to peer platform which is based on ERC20 protocol platform. It has got a huge response in the token sales.

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