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Top 20 Ongoing ICOs

Jul 28, 2017 Posted /  7091 Views

Top 20 Ongoing ICOs

Top 20 ICOs as on 28 July

1. Ziber ICO -


Ziber is a decentralized system of master nodes. It is installed around the world on different servers or VPS. This mobile application is easy to download.  On July 27, 2017 12:00, Ziber was launched ICO. This is called as Ziber ICO. Ethereum blockchain platform was issued 100 million Ziber tokens. There was 80% of token which was placed at the ICO team was taken 10% and rest 10% was distributed as a bonus.

2. Ahoolee ICO -


 Ahoolee is the world’s first blockchain based decentralized search engine which uses to collect details from all the shops around the world. If we talk about the price, it gives the best shops for a customer. Ethereum based crypto token also introducing for the platform AHC.




An Ethereum based smart contract system which is the first of its kind in the travel industry is known as Travelcoin ICO. It also aims in bringing all ecosystem related to the travel industry altogether in a public travel blockchain. Despite of the existing travel points they are even into the process of adaptation of innovative methods like space flight, air travels, the self driving cars and many more. It also makes the transport easier, low cost and fun process.




 It is an entertainment based program which is designed especially for the adults. The models from several countries are put altogether in the party house and the users are provided with ROC token which ensures that they can willingly send gifts and vote for their favourite ones. It is more like the Indian Reality Show – Big Boss.


5. PeerBank ICO


 It is the first platform of IRA which is the Industrial Retirement Account and it offers he companies to plan their pension plans to the coins using the cryptocoin of the platform called as PeerBank which is based on the decentralised  and secured waves platform.


6. Sosnovkino ICO


 A land development project which is designed to provide the users very high profit which can be earned from the industries is known as Sosnovkino ICO. It has created certain systems or the processes. Some of these systems are electric system, pipeline connections and several other facilities. Its aim is to sell that infrastructure for values six times its initial price.


7. S3ntigraoH ICO


S3ntigroH is a very carefully distributed application which is designed to keep the tracks of the sentiments each time the user communicates with it. The S3ntigraoH is highly involved into making the world a better place to live in.


8. Star Wars CoinICO


These are the digital currency of the decentralised Star Wars community. It has its very own trading mechanisms, voting systems, currency which facilitates to perform very task through these Star Wars Coins.




 This ICO provides services and solution online. It is an infrastructure businesses and corporate data in a centralized digital ledger and to access them with utmost security.


10. Royal Kingdom ICO -


This is a solution based blockchain technology and smart contracts which contributing to the consolidation of the ideal by developing. Capitals of block chain teach and Royal Kingdom Enterprises promote an ICO through. This token is represented by RKC.

11. ACT ICO -


 This is a decentralized Autonomous Organisation which is known as DAO, which works on the basis of block chain technology and smart contract. These are verified and managed using automation and shared governance protocols.


12. EasyMINE ICO -


 For simplifying the process of setting up EasyMINE ICO is a platform. The aim of this ICO is a complete software solution for maintenance and easy setup of mining equipment.


13. Kencoin ICO -


An industry – specific cryptocurrency whose target is to entertain the adults is known as Kencoin ICO. Owners of this websites lose a significant amount of business everyday due to lack of safety. This ICO is a way to pay the content they want.

14. Bits Digit ICO


 It is a one – stop solution for the SMEs and shape the foundation for the crypto currency users. With this owner can manage transactions, payments, deposit funds and so much more.


15. COSS TokenSwap ICO


 It providing positions of online payment technologies and the position of crypytocurrencies in the developing market. It was designed specifically to educate the users about the verity of coins and providing multiple possibilities to use digital currency all in the same place.

16. Solar DAO ICO


A close-ended investment fond on Ethereum blockchain is known as Soar DAO ICO, which seeks to develop a community of users investing in the construction of PVsolar plant by developing crowd funding.



It is the abbreviated form for International MultiModal Logistic Application. It is a first multimodal logistics service which has a decentralised system of transportation of document workflow and payment. It aims at building clear interaction between the owner of cargo and the freight transporters.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

18. Jincor ICO


It is a communication tool which is designed to help employees within the companies to establish business relations with several companies across the globe.


19. AltoCar ICO


 It is used to connect the drivers and the passengers. The passengers could add the drivers in their “favourites” and then proceed with choosing the driver of their own choices for the travelling purposes.


20. PAquarium ICO


It is the largest profit sharing aquarium in the world. It is issuing digital shares of annual profit which is distributed proportionately among all the token holders.

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