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Top 8 App development companies from around the world

Apr 26, 2017 Posted /  2954 Views

Top 8 App development companies from around the world

Top 8 app development companies from around the globe:

An App is an idea with a purpose. Not all ideas are able to fulfill their purpose. That is where a developer comes in. To fulfill the purpose of an idea, to transform it into an useful application. We say application because everything about an app applies to our everyday functions. Its goal is to make our life easier. That makes the job of a developer even more significant. Applancer adheres to this belief and gives the developers a platform to get the best ideas. We promise an exceptional interactive space where every idea meets its deserved maker. Just as it is important to the developers, Applancer also promises the best developers who have the experience and the skill to mould and nurture an idea into an functioning app. Come to Applancer with your idea and hand it over to a world class developer and watch it flourish.

What incorporates a world class app developer? The best way to answer this question is to intricately observe the body of work and the business model of the  top development companies operating all over the world today. If you look closely, what all of them have in common is a desire and a structure to extract the best out of any idea. By meticulously vetting an idea, streamlining the project or by having a rigorous selection process, the best developers take up the best and the most complex projects. Being the best carries with itself a responsibility which is fulfilled time and time again by the best developers. Their ownership of the project and consistency with each project makes them stand out in the crowd. Another thing which separates the best from the rest is the will to take up complex ideas and give them a simple digital interpretation. In today's time every imagination has the potential to be a reality, whether it be in science, films or apps. The best thrive on transforming the most complex imaginations into the most usable and useful applications.

konstant Infosolution Pvt Ltd

"See,when we deal with the digital world, especially mobile app development, we are navigating a complex landscape because there are dynamic choices (of people) and a variety of devices and OSes to be covered. Unlike the standard desktop environment, this field asks strongly for a state-of-the-art solution",--Vipin Jain, CEO, co-founder.

Konstant infosolutions are one of the top mobile app developers not only in India but all over the globe. They have a simple philosophy of working for the customers and creating explicitly designed and feature rich apps giving a great viewing  and operating experience. They provide a wide array of services in app development, web development, cloud computing and many more. They have been recognized multiple times for their exquisite work receiving awards from Silicon India in 2016, ITFIRMS India in 2017, Business of Apps and many more. They were also awarded membership to Nasscomm in 2013, IGDA in 2012 and also STPI among others.


Appus Studio

" While developing Android apps there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration.But, actually, the best way is to pick both. So, the key parameters are:target audience;the way people use an app (where, in what circumstances);goal of your project; geolocation and geotargeting; monetization potential;industry/niche best practices etc",--Dmitry Mikheev, CEO, Appus Studio.

Appus are a team of brilliant and creative workers led by Dmitry Mikheev. They provide services in many verticals such as mobile apps, web and prototype development. They are an extremely confident team who do not take pre-payments, give free consultations, give free distributions to stores and their products have a 1-year warranty. Their work is tried and tested, a high percentage of clients working with Appus have an inclination to work with them again and again which is a testimony to their competence.


"Some of the best apps we’ve developed include QuizUp, Barneys NY, and Warby Parker. QuizUp (for Android) had over 50,000,000 app downloads, 1,000,000,000 games played, and $40mn+ in VC funding. Barneys NY has millions in processed revenue and won the 2015 Web by award. Warby Parker has a 5-star app store rating as well as $370mn+ in VC Funding",--Rameet Chawla, CEO, Founder.

Fueled are renowned for their polished apps.They have a philosophy to build apps people love, apps that make money and apps that will top the charts. They have a brilliant team of strategists who take center stage during section of an idea and their meticulous vetting process ensures a brilliant pre-development idea. They have created many award winning apps and are known for giving importance to quality and design.

Octal Info Solutions

"We are a dedicated and self-motivated team of 150+ professionals that aspire to develop quality- proof, design specific and feature rich mobile applications with standardized paradigms. With our utmost capabilities, we deliver out-of–box solutions that are highly sophisticated and redefined. Our team entails most proficient tech-empowered solutions so as to develop and deliver the utmost quality in all mobile and web-driven applications", Naveen Khanna, CEO.

Octal Info Solution are an experienced web and mobile designing company with over 1200 clients in over 40 countries. They have been in the business for over 12 years with over 1500 web apps and over 400 mobile apps. Some of their esteemed clients include Vodafone, Skype and Fiat. They are an organization proudly innovative, believing in continuous improvisation and supported by an extremely skillful and enthusiastic group of developers.

The Distance

"We have been privileged to work with a wide range of customers since our incorporation with customers including the NHS, Bentley Motors, OK! Magazine, RSPB, PGA Golf, Brother, EDF Energy, Astra Zeneca.

We are currently proactively supporting Slimming World in delivering their app solution to over 200,000 active users, promoting healthy lifestyle choices to aid their weight loss",Anthony Main, Managing Director.

The distance are a team focused on native app development, they have been in the business since the inception of the first IPhone. They have a 100% in-house developing team providing mobile application for the whole of UK. They have an intricate process where they first discover about their clients and the idea, design a workable app solution in close collaboration with the clients, development of the app and then test the product.


Go-Tornado are a skillful app development company focusing on cutting edge technology and sleek designing while developing their apps. They have offices in Queensland Australia, Chandigarh India, Florida United States, Solothurn Switzerland which enables them to cater to a wide clientele base. Go-Tornado promise a great development experience for their clients and a great user experience from their apps. Their experience team develop an intelligent strategy with the clients prior to the development process regarding the development and distribution of the final product.

Steel Kiwi

Steel Kiwi was initially focused on Python/Django but entered the mobile app development business in 2012. They have served customers in the US, Canada, Australia and all over Europe. They follow a philosophy of supporting their clients right from the time of inception of the idea to the time of development and distribution of the final product. This has created an exceptional reputation for them and clients have given generous testimonials to their expertise and support.


ZYMR are a Silicon Valley based cloud computing and full stack development company. Their global delivery centers ensure maximum exposure of your product and their software product engineering team promises the delivery of exceptional solutions within challenging timelines. They provide a wide range of services in cloud computing and software development, promising 360 degree support right from the start to finish. They specializes in creating software for the health care industry.

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