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Top bitcoin exchanges around the world

Aug 09, 2017 Posted /  9317 Views

Top bitcoin exchanges around the world

Top bitcoin exchanges around the world


It first came out in 2014 and soon it became a medium of currency exchange specifically for people who need money in small amounts. It offers easy rules and sometimes without verification and allows purchase of bitcoins using PayPal. It is one of the most trusted groups since 2014

2) Bit Stamp

This is the first fully licensed bitcoin exchange that recently completed five years of service. It came up in the year 2011, since then it has been a favorite among all due to its ability to allow bitcoin exchange with the help of credit or debit cards. Bitcoin can also be withdrawn as gold, a feature not available in other exchanges. But this exchange is not suitable for beginners because it has limited payment methods.

3) Kraken

One of the most respected and the first bitcoin exchanges in the world to allow an independent audit. Situated in Canada it is the world’s largest exchange in terms of liquidity and euro volume.


This trading exchange allows you to have proper exchange rates but a little of extra charge on 

Amounts over 100BTC. This was the first company in the United States to operate a well formed bitcoin exchange. Having its headquarters in New York, it has its international office in Singapore.


This was formed in the year 2012 and today one of the leading exchanges in the market, raising about a profit of 106 million. Two ways to buy bitcoin on COINBASE are one is through the COINBASE wallet and other by COINBASE exchange 


This exchange has a faster transaction rate as compared to other exchanges but it has a higher exchange rate and also this is limited within the US. This exchange has been working since 2013 and allows you buy bitcoins by depositing cash through Western Union or Money Gram.


This was found in the year 2013, situated in Australia. Earlier this year at the time of Nepal earthquakes IGOT helped the victims conducting relief campaigns. This trading platform has super low fees but has limited methods of payment. It was on the verge of destruction some year ago but the customers were reassured that their money was not lost and it stabilized a little later.


This charges rates are quite high and also there are many customers who are unhappy with the services provided by them. Situated in Austria it is run by the company Virtual World Services GMBH. It started in the year 2011 and grew out to be an independent trading platform.

9) 247 exchange 

Launched in the year 2014 it is majorly European, 247 exchange has a very easy verification process with 24/7 support to its customers hence this exchange is one of the most sought out one since it is easy to maintain an account with 247 exchange. 


This online site is good for new users since it is very simple and easy to buy bitcoin on this site. It also provides good security options, a feature not present in other exchanges. This claims to be a European based digital currency. Founded in the year 2013 it has no legally accepted residence.


Located in Paris, known as the “house of bitcoin” is a very reputed company with high exchange rates. Bitcoins can easily be bought with the help of visa/master card. Established in the year 2014, it provided service only in France but later expanded its service to all other European countries.

12) CEX.IO

Formed in the year 2013, it is situated in London. It charges up to 0.2% for all exchanges. CEX.IO is registered with FINCEN and it is also known as CLOUD MINING.


It is based in Hong Kong, established in the year 2012. In the year 2014 it faced a sudden rise in its shares and in the year 2016 this network was hacked and it faced a loss of $72 million bitcoin. It became the largest bitcoin trading platform by the year 2014.

14) YOBIT 

Located in Russia, not much is known about this cryptocurrency. It provides a lot of security features like file encryption, data backup and cold wallets.


This site helps you to buy bitcoins instantly. Established in the year 2014 in USA, bitcoins can easily brought with the help of credit cards or PayPal. It is very simple to use and bitcoins can be received quickly.

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