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Trezor Declares Support For Bitcoin Cash

Apr 04, 2018 Posted /  510 Views

Trezor Declares Support For Bitcoin Cash

Trezor Declares Support For Bitcoin Cash

Trezor declares support for cashaddr (a BCH address format). The declaration is a critical advancement for Bitcoin Cash as help from the most mainstream equipment wallet could spell new cash coming into the market, or possibly expanded security for those wishing to protect their venture deliberately.

Bach N. of Trezor shared this uplifting news over twitter.

Cashaddr was produced as a method for recognizing Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core addresses, and keeping in mind that it was very costly to execute the change, the move is now ready for advanced developments.

“I suggest to change the address version to something different, so it is obvious that the address is a Bitcoin Cash address (it can start with C for example). Also, don’t forget to change address version for P2SH,” said Pavel Rusnack of Satoshi Labs.

Further, Bitcoin Cash developer reacted saying “Agreed. I have a plan to change the address format. Changing the address format is expensive, so I would like to investigate various other options than just changing the prefix before setting on something. I would also have to convince others in the space that this is a good address format.” This is the long run will materialize as cashaddr.

Cashaddr Dev Hoenicke also expressed by saying: “This needs to be done outside the firmware for cashaddr support. WebWallet: compute cashaddr addresses from xpub. Note that only the last step from hashed public key to address needs to be changed. The web wallet checks that the address the Trezor returns is as expected. This check should also allow 1.. addresses so that it works with older firmware (so we don’t have to deploy both at the same time); allow cashaddr as send to address. The firmware supports both and both use SPENDADDRESS. The only difference is the confirmation message given to the user; the transaction format did not change at all.”

Hoenicke illuminates that the change won’t influence the methods for exchange and handles the issues. Trezor goes after Coinbase and Bitpay in incorporating cashaddr, creating group agreement and raise the profile altcoin. There is as of now no course of events, so clients holding up to store their BCH should manage with the beta wallet for the time being before entering the genuine cold storage.


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