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US State Tennessee to use Blockchain and smart contracts for Electronic Transactions

Mar 25, 2018 Posted /  2894 Views

US State Tennessee to use Blockchain and smart contracts for Electronic Transactions

The governor of Tennessee passes a bill to use Blockchain and smart contracts.

The legislative head of Tennessee marked a bill perceiving the legal authority to utilize Blockchain innovation and smart contracts for electronic exchanges on March 22, as found on a report from Legiscan.

About the bill:

A characterize of the bill peruses that it "recognizes the legitimate specialist of blockchain and smart contracts in directing electronic exchanges." The bill together makes an arrangement that, "ensures ownership privileges of positive information secured by blockchain."

Senate Bill 1662 was marked by Governor Bill Haslam next to zero very three months once its presentation on January eighteen of this current year, passing the Senate and House with no restricting votes. The bill was supported by Republican Senators Steven Dickerson and Richard Briggs, and Democratic Senators Lee Harris and Jeff Yarbro.


A smart contract is made open among the bill as "occasion driven program, that executes on electronic, disseminated, suburbanized, shared, and imitated record that is acclimated automatist exchanges." The bill takes note of that "no agreement concerning a managing might be denied legitimate effect, legitimacy, or enforceability alone as a consequence of that agreement contains a shrewd contract term."

Blockchain is made open among the bill as "any distributed ledger convention and supporting framework, in conjunction with blockchain, that uses a dispersed, suburbanized, shared, and recreated ledger, regardless of whether or not it's open or individual, permission or permissionless, and which may encapsulate the utilization of electronic monetary forms or electronic tokens as a medium of electronic trade."


Individual United States of America states are passing many crypto connected bills since the year. In Feb, Georgia introduced a bill to just accept cryptocurrencies for paying state taxes and license fees, whereas earlier in March, the state of WY passed a bill making a brand new quality category for cryptocurrencies, effectively exempting them from security rules within the state.

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