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What can a Bitcoiner do on Thanksgiving?

Nov 23, 2017 Posted /  2302 Views

What can a Bitcoiner do on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving comes up with the official declaration of the holiday season. For some, it gains religious significance, and for others a way to thank for the blessings in the harvest and prosperity in preceding years. For some though it is just a way to cumber on some delicious food and have happy family conversations.

Are online scams ruining your festive season?

Thanksgiving is just the beginning of your vacay mode and also an official shopping period. No wonder, in recent times we have truly engulfed and acknowledged our Debit cards/ EFTPOS and  Credit cards and losing out on cash methods. Moreover, we spend hours shopping and buying on online platforms and e-commerce websites.

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Using Master cards or Visa cards ensures that we are using centralized digital exchange methods. The government and the banks, in order to chase down the tax frauds, have decreased the paper money circulation. But did it help? Even if the paper currency scams and black money hoarding were ceased, on one hand, digital frauds have come to rise.

Hackers are feasting their Thanksgiving dinner through your hard earned money

Bitcoins and Thanksgiving

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast or even a beginner researching to adopt Bitcoins in your everyday life, Thanksgiving can give you a good opportunity to talk about its mass approval.

Thanksgiving dinners comprise a whole lot- your family, and friends enjoying a merry time together. You can have conversations about your life, struggles, and choices. Everybody has their ears unto what you say because this is the one time everybody has promised to devote to their families from their busy schedules. This is the right time to declare that you are moving towards a futuristic currency exchange methods.

Though, you need to take care of few things before you initiate. You are aware how Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are surrounded by an air of anonymity. So you can commence by starting a conversation about the recent digital frauds you have witnessed. In no time you will find your family members disclosing their own experiences. Like the time when the lost huge sums due to faulty banking and transaction systems. This gives you an opportunity to strike the hammer on the heated rod.

As you are now presented with the excuse, start talking how you have researched and found Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies safer and secure platform for monetary exchange. You will probably facepalm when you first instate the discussion. However, you can make a strong case for evidence for yourself, by telling them the following points:

  • When a credit card scam happens, your family members feel that it doesn't affect them directly. You need to make them realize that the banks and merchants make their compensations by taking additional money from them.

  • Next, apprise how it would be great if you have a more secure platform which is not prone to the fraudulent methods and hackers.

  • Tell them when they pay money in cash, they have full authority to spend and pay only for the item they have been charged, without disclosing their personal details much of the time. This doesn't happen in digital monetary payments.

  • Enlighten how Bitcoins can give them that authority in digital transactions, as it is a decentralized exchange method with no intermediaries involved and direct dealings with the concerned person.

  • Lastly, tell them how bitcoin is a result of logical interpretations of its users and how every information is public, on record and persistent without any threat of hacking or centralized control.  

So, we leave you with this formulas and pray for a merry festive season. Happy Thanksgiving

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