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What is Hyper Tokenization?

Apr 03, 2018 Posted /  688 Views

What is Hyper Tokenization?

Hyper Tokenization is the concept that there should be a token for each and everything. But anything in overdose is dangerous. A new survey alleges that 80% of all ICOs are cons, which pertinently came in the week as same as when Massachusetts closed down around five swindler ICOs. There’s nothing wide of the mark with the tokenization concept, to a limited extent, however with ICOs now introducing double tokens, and tokens coming with their own sub-tokens, without doubt we have hit the highest point of token.

Who’s the main player?

On weeks of persistent red, there are still methods to earn from a bear market, but it’s an uphill struggle. Bitcoin’s not dead yet, but that won’t prevent the opponents from writing it off, as they did in 2016 and each year before it.

Convulsions are waiting!

This week’s top stories were by and large filled with lawsuits, bans, as well as crackdowns, the elements that bear markets are built upon. Five Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have quit in the defeat, Russia along with its acquaintances are taking legal action on internet giants outlawing ads, Mailchimp have also lounged the ban plus the CLOUD Act spells horrific news for privacy advocates, which is each and every one of us. If it wasn’t for somebody paying $10 million in bitcoin for Nelson Mandela’s golden hands, Brits slipping up cryptocurrency for something besides, we have had no reason to smile ever since last Sunday.

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