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Why Women are less interested in Bitcoin

Nov 14, 2017 Posted /  4024 Views

Why Women are less interested in Bitcoin

Why the Bitcoin Network is dominated by Men

Traditionally boys are introduced to fancy electronic toys and tech gadgets at an early stage in life while girls prefer dolls and non tech toys. This early introduction to technologies spurs the interest of male children into studying technologies and computers. About 84% of undergraduate students in the US and Uk are male indicating more preference to studying technology courses is observed among boys than girls. This early interest is followed up with a burning desire to be up to date on technology and all the trending developments in the most relevant sectors of life. Bitcoin direct coincide with finance and the wallet which provides a good reason for boys getting more involved in it.

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It’s uncommon for girls to explore the internet to its final depths, things like the dark web make sense to much more boys than to girls. The internet itself and associated development were mainly dominated by male engineers. Although many countries have made attempts to involve more girls in coding the initiative is yet to yield a significant result. With the amount of technical knowledge required to navigate the web in the early days' females laid back on technology giving in for a male to dominate the sector which is the case with Bitcoin today too. With too many grounds to navigate through in order to even execute a simple transaction securely Bitcoin still remains a hard to understand theory to many women than to men. With early adopters and developers being mostly men Bitcoin had a small reach to the female with most women seeing it as another internet scam of a sort.

Women Should Hype their Bitcoin Participation

For Bitcoin to be naturally accepted it should rally support from everybody irrespective of gender. Consider the scenario in a home state where a woman is in charge of all the purchasing decisions for the day to day running of the home. Knowledge Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would boost the global usage of the cryptocurrency. For Bitcoin to reach a good level of global acceptance people from all demographics need to be brought on Board. Yet nothing is being done to distract women from using bitcoin less is being done to bring them in either.

Although major event aimed at getting women interested in Bitcoin have been conducted in major cities across the world like the women in Bitcoin events organized in London and San Francisco by Rhian Lewis and Paige Freeman. Much more need to be done to change behavior and perceptions of women about Bitcoin. Bitcoin would need a brushed up user interface and well simplified everyday terms to attract the attention of more women.

Are Women Being Forgotten by Bitcoin Apps developers?

Developers seem to have left out or misquoted female perception in Bitcoin application development. Like to the developers of womencoin who based that women like pink. This could be wrong since not colors but product appeals could trigger more women to get involved in Bitcoin. The full female attraction will be realized when bitcoin starts developing useful products targeting women than using female-focused ads to lure women. Developers need to consider the amount market women present to useful Bitcoin products. This way the full potential of Bitcoin can be deployed to use by everybody man or woman boy or girl. A female Bitcoin user was quoted saying,

“There is no point in assigning gender to everything. I could go around preaching about being a woman who has been neck deep in all this stuff for a couple years, but what good would that do? Cryptocurrencies have very obvious goals, aims and identities. You either have the use for those, or you do not. Diluting those in meaningless gender wars and agendas serves no purposes, just creates trouble where there is none.”

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