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Will Bitcoin reach 3000 mark today after Segwit

Aug 01, 2017 Posted /  1791 Views

Will Bitcoin reach 3000 mark today after Segwit

Will Bitcoin reach $3000 mark today after Segwit

And now there are chances that the bitcoin price may reach the staggering amount of $3000.

One group that has played a huge role in creating awareness about developments in the Bitcoin community are the services providers. These service providers include exchanges, wallet vendors (especially hardware wallets) among others.

At the moment, leading Bitcoin wallet service providers including Blockchain are recommending a fee of around 90 satoshis per byte for a median size transaction, which would range from $0.5 to $0.9. With Segwit, the planned block-size limit will increase, once active, will reduce fees and make confirmation times reliable once again.

Kumar Gaurav, Founder of Cashaa - Auxesis group, says

“Whereas in the next couple of hours some may still sell their Bitcoin due to uncertainty or not knowing how to deal with the situation, it is more likely we see Bitcoin increasing over $3,000 and to all-time-highs, as there has been plenty of information and guidance concerning this time so the majority of the community is well-prepared.”

The founder of Cashaa states some other reasons that may be responsible for the prevailing attitude within the system 

People are happy about the scaling “civil war” being over.

All major players considering BCC as just another altcoin.

Bitcoin is becoming more usable.

The prospect of some “free money” which they can keep as new altcoin or can buy more Bitcoin for.

People need to calm down a little bit and should retain a long term approach

During the period , bitcoin users may experience some uncertainity  at some point and should not think of selling their coins, the situation will certainly settle down and bitcoins price may reach upto $3000 mark.

Users should not get worried if there is a initial decline in bitcoin price. It would only reflect a portion of the community investing in BCC in the beginning, a factor likely to be surpassed by the longer term factors in favor of Bitcoin

Looking into the future, BCC may eventually grow into one of the largest altcoins. Moreover, this trend is just at its starting point, meaning that during the following years, digital currencies will be gaining more and more popularity. This also could mean that the cryptocurrency bubble is going to develop.

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