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Will crypto market cap hit $2 Trillion in 2018?

Oct 27, 2017 Posted /  2144 Views

Will crypto market cap hit $2 Trillion in 2018?

The market for Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs is something which people cannot predict and understand. Owing to the decentralized and volatile system, the crypto market has always lead people to wonder on the crypto streets.

Many people are awestruck with the profit made in 2017 with $2 bln invested into the ICOs and think this is a quantum leap. We cannot predict anything still as 2018 will overshadow 2017 developments. In 2018 we can expect that there can be $20 billion to $25 billion invested in ICOs and it won’t cease there as the big cards start to fall into place as the big plot unrolls.

Moving towards Trillion Dollar market?

If the market cap of crypto erupts and passes $500 million and start to head to $1 trillion. Merely, via traditional money, which is set and willing as well as  able to attain.
So what can happen to the crypto prices, will they Double, treble or more, overnight? The crypto indexes will get restricted to one direction of security that tokenize assets as well as equities plus those that don’t, with app tokens that are products or services.
All that is needed to maintain the uprise of the market prices is to create the conditions which are favourable for the surge in the crypto prices. The work has been started with a new approach to ICOs starting from the perspective of regulation as well as the compliance where it is capable to meet the needs of institutional investors, which will open the floodgates.

Something remarkable needs some innovative steps

Countries which support cryptos like Russia, Japan plus the other sovereign nations might issue a full central-backed cryptocurrency that will be fungible against BTC and the leading cryptos.
A new range of Blockchain or crypto funds will offer investors the opportunity to buy the market and decrease the underlying volatility. People in the crypto market actors make it more attractive for investors to get involved in crypto, where even a small strip will give a boost to any portfolio’s performance. The shift might come sooner than we think .

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