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Will Elon Musk die on Mars in 2017?

Apr 30, 2017 Posted /  1597 Views

Will Elon Musk die on Mars in 2017?

Everyone must have heard about Elon musk and his accomplishments. Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and co-founder and CEO of Tesla Inc. He is mainly popular for the quality and design of Tesla cars. According to him he always wanted to change the way we lived. He also discovered a high-speed transportation system known as the hyperloop. So let’s look at what are his plans for this year and what are the projects that he is currently working on.

Tesla Inc. is planning on to launch a new car running on battery. Currently, there are large numbers of the battery running car in the USA. It is also rumoured that he wanted to merge the companies Tesla and Solar City. As a matter of fact, Solar City is a founded by his cousins. There is the large focus of solar energy and using it in an optimum way. This merger will give a huge boost for the Tesla cars as they could produce high-quality cars running on the solar energy. He is also planning on entering newer markets to increase the sale of Tesla cars. Elon Musk is working very hard on the SpaceX Company. His plan is to send at least two people around the moon by the next year. He is also very keen on developing and improving the quality of his driverless car.


Elon Musk is also working on the Gigafactory. It is the tesla’s enormous battery manufacturing plant which is under construction. This is expected to bring down the cost of the batteries that are used on the Tesla cars. He is also planning on to make the Tesla’s autonomous tech about 10 times safer than what it is currently. He also launched the shared fleet program which allows the owner of Tesla cars to make some extra money by renting their car when they are not in use.

Well, surely there are large plans for the Tesla and SpaceX Company. It remains to be seen that whether these plans are achieved or not. But one thing is sure Elon Musk is one person that is not going to stop trying. He has already changed the lives of many people by his product and is expected to continue doing that. 

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