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Will RBI alter its decision regarding shutting of crypto exchanges bank accounts. What impact will it have on the country?

May 10, 2018 Posted /  632 Views

Will RBI alter its decision regarding shutting of crypto exchanges bank accounts. What impact will it have on the country?

The status of cryptocurrency in India is still vague. Neither there is proper ban nor proper regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. It is a matter to look forward whether RBI will change its decision on shutting down cryptocurrencies.


Sometime back, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) had declared that it will not give any services to people and company which has any association with cryptocurrencies by any means, in addition to this, it has been said that it is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency in the upcoming days.

From a long time the Finance Ministry of India disapproved Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies giving the reason that they “are short of fundamental value” and in the month of January quite a lot of big banks of the Indian economy put up the shutters and restricted the services of cryptocurrency exchange accounts. However, there were fake reports about the nationwide cryptocurrency prohibition which paved the way to a plunge in the cryptocurrency markets, in early February. The Reserve Bank of India’s announcement states that "even though the technological improvements that support cryptocurrencies have the possibility to progress the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of the economic system, Virtual currencies is an alarm of customer protection, the integrity of the market in addition to illegal crimes like money laundering, etc.”


Thinking of their own cryptocurrency:

RBI maintains the same tone by reminding that they have previously cautioned the people who were associated with the cryptocurrency industry a number of times about the different risks of involving with cryptocurrencies prior to mentioning-

“Taking into consideration the related risks, it has been determined that, with instant effect, entities regulated by Reserve Bank of India shall not deal with or offer services to any person or business entities dealing with or settle VCs. Regulated entities which have previously provided such services shall depart the relationship within a specific time.” As a result of the speedy modifications in the situation, in company with reason for example materialization of private digital tokens along with the growing expenses of organizing fiat paper, RBI’s consideration in launching their own cryptocurrency is which they allude as the "momentum for central banks around the globe to bring in fiat virtual currencies.”

On Indian exchanges, consequently, the value of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies broke down. The worth of approximately ten cryptocurrencies, along with the lines of bitcoin, has plunged as well.


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