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Will Ripple reach $1000?

Oct 29, 2017 Posted /  20368 Views

Will Ripple reach $1000?

In the cryptocurrency market, anything can happen. It is an unpredictable world having many volatile forms of digital currency. With billions of cryptocurrencies revolving in the market, Ripple (XRP) can match up to the high standards of its other cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin and Ethereum, can certainly reach the $1,000 mark. At the time of writing, Ripple’s price for was $0.21638100, having a current circulating supply of 38.5 Billion coins and the total volume exchanged of $305,731,000.0.

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Present market for Ripple

Ripple is very much scalable and it is very fast, and no other blockchain based cryptocurrency stands close to this till now, it's a revolutionary coin. Meanwhile, after looking at the amount of money that banks transfer daily if Ripple gets adapted as the new payment network for banks globally, there is a possibility that it can reach $5 in a few years (roughly more than 3 years though). Basically, it is about supply and demand which matters the most, and there's too much ripple in the market for such valuations plus much more ripple with the founders, which they can probably outpour the market with it, whenever they want it to release them, like a few months back they released 300 million ripple.

What will lead to?

While saving on transactions costs is the primary attractive feature of Ripple, there lay an even more bright gem within its heart and which it has not gone unnoticed by those implementing it, feel secure. While many countries, as well as central banks, are money printing, even attempting to pay interest obligations on ever-increasing debts, we can bet they see that $1B invested in XRP, in spite of being thrown at debt interest, could be printed and invested and be worth 1000x in the upcoming days, solving many big issues besides just institutional lending.

Anyways, Ripple, with being introduced from the top down has the support of the elites as the richest families in the world begin buying, we certainly can bet it will permanently skyrocket.


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