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XSEARCH to provide better digital advertising facility by applying Blockchain tech.

Apr 15, 2018 Posted /  2436 Views

XSEARCH to provide better digital advertising facility by applying Blockchain tech.

It is very popularly believed that advertisements are the key factor which drives the success of a product. This widespread belief by the masses of people seems to be incorrect. In today's world of digital marketing, the companies like Amazon Facebook Google seem to have a monopoly over the advertising industry.  They charge huge amount of advertising fee for business promotions. Also, the companies are very uncertain about the success of their product as more than 50% of the advertisements are featured by automatic bots, according to new research.

It is to be noted that the companies are wasting money for their advertisements and on the other hand the people also are wasting time in watching irrelevant ads.  As the companies have to put in a huge amount of money for the advertisements that the cost of the end product also increases as a result. It seems to be a complete loss for everyone except the intermediaries.

To overcome this problem, a company named XSEARCH has come forward to bridge the gap between the users and the companies. It makes it possible by creating and decentralized ecosystem with an efficient and better business to consumer value chain. It will seamlessly eliminate the intermediaries involved in the advertising industry. This particular blockchain Technology also will preserve the anonymity of the user and push them to engage more in the advertising market.

How does it all work?

The system is so inventive, the registration of a particular user on XSEARCH is also as simple as that. The users need to register on the XSEARCH engine and provide with the necessary details and also provide some extra details if necessary. Then they start using the XSEARCH engine for searching goods and services they require. Then the system will filter advertisements according to the user’s search, and only the relevant advertisements will be popped up by them. Hence the advertisement reaches a more targeted group of people, in turn, reduce the advertisement expenses. Since there are no intermediaries involved the company will pay the consumers for their ads in a direct manner.

Ferda Solak, the project owner, explains,"XSEARCH uses online data that is collected in anonymized activity ledger, profiles and preferences directly posted and maintained by customers to create a token-based ecosystem meant for demand-driven marketing and retail with a low barrier to entry for all parties.”

He then adds that “The strengths of traditional online advertising are utilized by the ecosystem. It also eliminated an ability to produce and share user data."

This particular system offers business to business and business to consumer environment by a set of essential application, API’s, libraries, and SDK’s. This will be of great help to the developers who are willing to build a platform because this is very similar one to the Facebook's graph API.

ICO details.

Currently, the pre ICO sales for XSEARCH system is being carried out, and the deadline is 20th April 2018. Post which from 20th April 2018 until 30th may 2018 will be the duration of the main stage ICO of the system. The main stage comprises only 11.5 million XSE tokens for sale. The hard capital of the system is fixed at about 17,500 ETH, and the exchange rate is also set at  1XSE=0.001 ETH.

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