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Young Doctoral students win 1 Bitcoin for deciphering DNA Code Challenge

Jan 25, 2018 Posted /  19179 Views

Young Doctoral students win 1 Bitcoin for deciphering DNA Code Challenge

A bit of a bitcoin can make you rich and if you win one bitcoin for a research work while in your early days as a PhD student, then nothing can beat this happiness. A young doctoral student is making headlines these days as he cracked the code in a tube of DNA and a result won 1 bitcoin for it.

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The challenge was created in the World Economic Forum of 2015 in Davos and the fellow from University of Antwerp named as Sander Wuyts triumphantly explained the DNA Storage Bitcoin Challenge. Wuyts solved the problem way before the deadline was set by its originator, European Bioinformatics Institute professor Nick Goldman.

Wuyts narrates in a press release as how he simply chose to register at the end of 2017. He explained that he was determined to enter this challenge after he saw a tweet from the well-known British scientist. Wuyts recounts

“Goldman was still willing to send me a tube of DNA,”

He further mentions that

“The DNA contained instructions on how to claim the bitcoin, the logo of the European Bioinformatics Institute, a drawing of James Joyce and a few other things.”

However, Wuyts was not alone in the challenge and a small team colluded to help him and they ultimately won the prize. They even arranged a “small hackathon” to broaden the capabilities for deciphering the DNA code which might save them enough time.

Right now the 2018 edition of the World Economic Forum is underway in Davos and many innovators are in attendance. Nonetheless, this achievement by the young fellow defines how technology and creation have amalgamated with the blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. The incentivizing of innovation which has majorly happened through hackathons advances the potentials of this novel technology.

The press release by the Wuyts also explains and gives a little background of the challenge. He says that

“To be honest, I had my doubts about the feasibility of using DNA to store data. This challenge changed that. Now I know very well that this new technology offers great opportunities, maybe even for my own future research.”

The young doctoral student expressed that he is remarkably happy to decode this challenge and additionally appended that he would utilize the Bitcoin prize money to support his research and reward those who encouraged him and helped him to win.

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