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Agicent App Development Company

Agicent App Development Company

Turning ideas into Apps!

App Development Company Agicent Agicent is one of the most trusted Mobile app development agencies for startups and entrepreneurs. With a portfolio of over 300 apps, we are one of the best App develo...



Sudeep Bhatnagar Director Agicent App Development Company

Sudeep Bhatnagar

Director , Agicent App Development Company

What do you do?

We are a specialized mobile apps development company,and we work across iOS, Android, and windows platforms for mobile apps and games. We use native as well as cross platform technologies to create awesome mobile apps.
We also do website and web apps development using latest tools like laravel, php, angular, python; and take care of sites associated with Apps, the backend, admin interface, or web app ourselves.

Which would you say are the best apps you have developed and why

BarNow App:- It’s an app for party goers, you can capture what is happening in an bar even before going there by seeing the video feeds by already checked in people, or by the twitter or FB feeds related to that place. Also, you can grab the special offers right before going there, and can always see reviews done by others.
Hasfit fitness apps:- A widely downloaded fitness app, we did this 3 years back and so far the App is serving more than 100 K customers across 2 platforms.
Aiko & Egor Apps:- These are educational apps for autistic children, the lessons are taught using video streaming and we also record students’ pattern. We are proud to be a part of such noble cause app.
SALT App (Save a life today app):- These are mission critical accident reporting apps, that work with or without internet. It’s an awarded initiative and can be used by anyone.
Smart gladiator Apps:- these are the enterprise apps used in a large warehouse settings. These apps emulate the servers like AS 400 or linux, and workers wear this app in a rugged iPod device, integrated with ring scanner and Bluetooth printer. We made this complex app in record time, and it works 24*7 without issues.

Which apps would you have loved to develop and why?

We’d have loved working on Facebook app and we could’ve rectified the slow loading of the external web pages that ain’t optimized for the app (which is annoying), and also would’ve fixed the anomalies in comments and their replies.
We’d have loved to work on Quora (I love Quora) and made it with a different card screen based UI with vertical swipes to read questions, and then user-actions like upvote, comment or answer questions were given on the tab bar and rest of the functionality left and right shutter side bars. The current app is flooded with redundant buttons all over and is more like a replication of the website, while the real advantage of the mobile app development hasn’t been utilized. Wish we get a chance.
I’d have loved to work on LinkedIn app, and make it better than or at par with FB mobile app.

What is your company’s business model?

We develop all inhouse, and don’t outsource. We work on both fixed price and hourly model.

What industries do you generally cater to?

We cater all industries, have worked across many domains and can always study and raise our bar to enter new domains.

What key parameters due you suggest to be considered before selecting the right platform for a mobile application?

- First see if your app is feasible on all platforms, if not then choose the one it is feasible to do firstly.
- See what is more famous in your geography. Like iOS is first choice in US, while android India.
- Figure out what technology developers are easily accessible to you.
- Understand and decide based on buying behavior of users on either platform

Which platforms (Native or Hybrid) do you use to build an app? What are your recommendations?

We work on both depending upon customer’s and project needs. We recommend native over hybrid when your major code portion is on backend, because “shared code” factor won’t give much advantage there.
We recommend cross platform or hybrid only when major portion of code is at front end of app so that you get that advantage.
In any case, if budget and timelines allow I always recommend going native first (with mix of web views) for many obvious reasons.

How do you decide the cost of an application?

We decide on the basis of number and kind of features a customer needs, platform they target, backend and admin requirements, and complexity in terms of logic applied at front or backend of the app. We use our own cost calculator also to determine project cost, have a look:-

What payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2016?

We mostly get milestone based payments in fixed price projects, or monthly or biweekly payments in hourly work.
A price range is between 5 to 15 K US dollars per project.

Why is Applancer useful to you?

I like the fact that Applancer is solely focussed on mobile apps development companies and their customers, and there is nothing distracting apart from mobile domain.
Your verification process is also good for our customers, they would know whom they are hiring thoroughly via applancer, and it’s a good thing.
I understand applancer can be a great source of information for our customers and ourselves, and would also help facilitating business, generating leads, and grow for every party involved.
Thank you for your collaboration.

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