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Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs

The top app designer and developer in NYC

Blue Label Labs is a 40-person mobile, tablet, watch, TV, IoT and AR/VR app design, development and marketing agency based in New York City and Seattle. Over the last 6 years, we have partnered wi...



Bobby Gill Co-Founder & CTO Blue Label Labs

Bobby Gill

Co-Founder & CTO , Blue Label Labs

What do you do?

Design, development and marketing of native and hybrid iOS and Android apps.

Mention about your talent in development or your achievement in app development?

We’ve partnered with companies to build over 130 apps. Of note is the YesU set of iOS and Android apps. Here is the YesU website: This set of apps takes the complex process of getting through the federal financial aid application process and simplifies and gamifies it to keep college applicants engaged.

What are your areas of specialization?

We’ve most recently gotten a name for ourselves in the on-demand marketplace app creation and health and wellness app creation spaces. We’ve built a number of these types of apps in the recent past and can build them better and quicker than any other firm.
On-Demand Apps: FRND ( & Hello Sitter (
Health & Wellness Apps: BabyMed ( (

Tell us about your dream projects?

We’d love to work on a large-scale app for a health and wellness provider—either a large hospital system or pharmaceutical company. Our knowledge of the space and experience with HIPAA compliance sets us apart from competitors.

Where do you see yourself down the line after 5 years?

Continuing to grow Blue Label Labs to double or triple its current size!

What is your company's business model?

The Blue Label Labs team is fully in-house—design, development and marketing of our clients’ apps all happen via our mix of employee and contractor staff.

Which industries do you cater to / you would like to work with?

We’d love to continue our work with the heath & wellness industry, as well as the other dominant industries in NYC—finance, real estate and fashion.

What according to you is the most conventional way to develop an app? Do you suggest the use of native app over hybrid? What are your recommendations?

It very much depends on what the app needs to do. Complex apps with complex functionality or animations (e.g., video chat or streaming audio) are best suited for native app development. Whereas, simpler apps with less complex functionality can be built using a hybrid platform without sacrificing any performance.

What is your pricing strategy & What according to you are the parameters to design the cost of app?

We work on a time and materials basis, but always produce a full estimate for the design and development effort from the start. We believe that provides customers with the flexibility to modify and update the product throughout the design and development process. The cost of designing an app is about 20-25% the overall cost of any app effort, the development and testing is the remaining 75-80%.

What payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? What is the price range of the projects (Min. & Max.) that you catered in 2016?

We take the equivalent of a two-week deposit up-front and then bill our customers every two weeks thereafter, over the lifetime of the project.
Our average app is about an $80K effort for a single operating system (either iOS or Android), with the second operating system running another 20% to 80% the cost of the first app (on the cheaper end of that range if we’re building hybrid apps, and on the more expensive end of that range if we’re building native apps). At the low-end, designing and developing a new app tends to not be less than about $30K, while at the high-end, we’ve built apps at the $250K price point.

What according to you are the parameters for client satisfaction?

Constant communication. Complete transparency. Advice and guidance throughout. Delivering on-time and on-budget.

Enlist the benefits you experienced with our association.

Quality, qualified leads and exposure.

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