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Innofied Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Innofied Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Think Apps Think Innofied

Innofied Solution is an Award-Winning mobile and web app development company having 2 offices in India and one in California. For last 5+ years, we have been creating amazing products for hundreds of ...



Swarnendu De Director Innofied Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Swarnendu De

Director , Innofied Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Tell us a little about your company?

It all began in 2012. After graduating I and Sandip took up jobs in separate cities away from our hometown. After spending few years, we started looking for options in Kolkata. Both passionate about JavaScript, were looking for companies in Kolkata that would hire us. After several attempts, we failed to find a single company working on core JavaScript. Hence, we decided to bag some freelance projects. Initially we both started to work separately, often consulting each other over phone and Skype. Soon, we realized that the demand for Mobile technologies and hardly found any companies in the Eastern India offering such services. Thus was Innofied born in 2012. From a 3 member team in a modest office space, the team strength grew up to 120+ today. With a global presence in California and Dubai and headquartered at Kolkata, with an extended R&D center in Pune we have successfully delivered more than 350+ web and mobile apps. We are a proud NASSCOM member since year 2015.

Mention about your talent in development or your achievement in app development?

Working with a team of 120+ developers, talented designers, engineers and creative strategist, Innofied takes pride in full suite web and mobile app development services.
Innofied has won the Engage 2016 Award of Excellence in Mobile App Development for their product Barnoparichay. Awarded Top 10 Mobile Startups by Silicon India Magazine, and has secured a position in the 2017 Clutch list of Top Cross-Platform and Educational App Developers. We have been mentioned in the Orbis Research and Big Market Research Surveys as Top Education App Influencer of 2017-2022.

What are your areas of specialization ?

iOS App Development, Android App Development, Cross Platform App Development, Web App Development, Games Development, Enterprise Mobility, IoT, Augmented Reality.

Tell us about your dream projects?

Dream project would be where we can impact millions people be it through app or Sass Model or any other way.

Where do you see yourself down the line after 5 years?

We are expanding rapidly in the domains we specialize in and we have already partnered with multiple companies to build a global existence. We are looking forward to become the best mobile app development company in India and across the globe in the upcoming years.
In addition, we are soon going to launch our sister concern, Innofied Design Studio. It won't be just another Design Agency, but it will focus solely on high quality Web and Mobile Application designs. There are not many such design companies in India working in this area and with the design competency we have in-house, we believe to become one of the topmost design companies in India.
We have launched three unique solution address the problems of the transport industry, retail and on-demand services – AllRideApps, Mcommerce and InnoService to approach the three industry and tap larger share of the market in the next two years.
We are not planning to raise any fund for our service business. We want to be a debt free company and grow with our own earnings. We have multiple products and solutions at present. All these products are backed by the revenue we have from our services. We are going to continue with that.

Which industries do you cater to / you would like to work with?

E-commerce, health, education, finance & banking, on-demand services, event and media, and transport industries

What according to you is the most conventional way to develop an app ? Do you suggest the use of native app over hybrid? What are your recommendations ?

The most conventional way to develop an application is to choose Native development over Hybrid app development.
Customer experience for mobile is more important to your business than you might think. Native apps are exactly that, native to the user’s OS and hence built per those guidelines. Whereas Hybrid applications are, at core, websites packaged into a native wrapper. Native applications have the best performance, highest security, and best user experience which hybrid apps does not offer.
A native app is faster and more reliable by its very design. As users navigate a native mobile app, the contents, structure, and visual elements are already on their phone, available for instant loading, and thereby providing a seamless experience. In contrast, a hybrid app has only a wrapper that is downloaded to the user’s phone with most of the data being loaded from the server. In this case, there are two key issues that may have an impact on the overall performance of the app: the number of server requests, and the load balance requests.

What is your pricing strategy & What according to you are the parameters to design the cost of app?

The pricing strategy that we follow is depended on the nature of the project that comes to us.
Say if a fixed cost project comes, we do an effort estimation based on our experience. Here we involve our team of Business Analysts, who help us evaluate the estimated effort required and then we come up with the standard hourly rate for that particular project.
As for large products or any type of agile development projects we suggest Time and Material model to our clients.
The parameters that we consider to design the cost of the apps are -
1. Features and functionality
2. Complexity of the projects
3. No. of expected users for the application
4. Scalability required

What payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? What is the price range of the projects (Min. & Max.) that you catered in 2016?

Fixed Cost Models
Something that suits the waterfall development method and offers guaranteed results within the predefined cost and timeframes. Choose this option if you have a clear scope of projects.
Time and Material Model
You just need to pay for the time and the resources spent. It suits the agile development process and offers great flexibility in terms of developing the project specification.
Hire Dedicated Developer
We offer a dedicated offshore hiring model where our developers & QA experts works dedicatedly for your organization.
Minimum Project Price Range - $21,000
Maximum Project Price Range - $2,70000

What according to you are the parameters for client satisfaction?

To know how much the client is satisfied with the kind of service we have leveraged, we have a unique feedback system built internally that helps our clients to rate -
1. How happy were they with our communication.
2. How happy were they with the quality of the project.
3. How likely or unlikely would the client recommend Innofied to a friend or colleague

How far you belief that the scope of the market has widened by the launch of such platform?

Your team has been able to help app development teams, freelancers and professionals to perform in their good times as well as tough times. You help the teams solve an important, two-sided problem. How do buyers of professional services and software find the best companies to meet a specific need and conversely, how do leading services and software firms stand out from the sea of mediocre competitors?

Enlist the benefits you experienced with our association.

Well, it was great to be showcased on such a platform like Applancer. Your team is doing a commendable job to bring the developers and great team to come in contact with clients who wants unique solutions from the best of the talents. You narrow down their search and help developers work on some quality technology stacks as well.

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