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Innovative Android and iOS apps development

Mobiwolf - innovative mobile application development company from Ukraine, specializes in the custom development of Android, iPhone, Windows Phone applications and remote software development. Mob...



Oleksiy Karaykoza CEO Mobiwolf

Oleksiy Karaykoza

CEO , Mobiwolf

Tell us a little about your company?

We do mobile (Android and iOS) apps. We provide full development cycle: design, development, testing, implementation and support for development and maintenance of complex web and mobile applications for anyone: from small startups and individuals to huge businesses.

Mention about your talent in development or your achievement in app development?

During the latest 6 years we have been collaborating with more than 62 customers from 21 countries. Half of our customers have hired us again for their new projects. The total amount of completed project came nearer to 120.

What are your areas of specialization?

Mobiwolf have vast experience with using both Bluetooth Classic and BLE in mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms for our clients. We have good awareness about all the aspects and issues which developers usually are faced to and have to manage to fix.
More info here:
Also, I would highlight Uber-like applications development we made, for example, EMSFind:

Ems Find Mobile and Web App is B2B & B2C on-demand mobile medical transportation platform.

Tell us about your dream projects?

Every project we work at is special and important for us, we always intent on making it not just qualitative, but also successful for the business of our customer. Along with that our development team always hopes to become a participant of doing something really new, innovative and useful. Idea contribution is what our clients like to get (and they always get it) from us. The pleasure of being involved in new idea elaboration and then its realization – that is a dream. So, dream project may be every project we do.

Where do you see yourself down the line after 5 years?

After 5 year me and my core team will work at the next interesting mobile project and support our previous clients. So, dear customers, don’t be afraid for your projects :)

Which industries do you cater to / you would like to work with?

We have developed many enterprise-level mobile solution for really serious customers from various industries: HealthCare, Sport, Tourism, Security, Real Estate, Automobilism, Education, Retail, Entertaining.
What else would be interesting to try – is something that can be vital for Ecology, Sociology.

What according to you is the most conventional way to develop an app ?

We have experience in building Hybrid application. Usually, client chose cross-platphorm solution to save money and time. Sometime it is reasonable and enough, for example for project demo development. However, we prefer and suggest to write native application for both platforms. Hybrid frameworks declare "writing one codebase" but actually such approach has lot of disadvantages, among them:
1. poor performance
2. not all phone features available for application
3. frameworks have limitations

Successful projects naturally grow, thus we need to ensure unhampered growing from the beginning. It can be done by native approach.

What is your pricing strategy & What according to you are the parameters to design the cost of app?

First of all, all activities during inception phase are made for free usually. We provide detailed estimate of the project using WBS structure asap after we have clear requirements specification.

What must be taken into consideration when design the cost of app. Very simple – required efforts of appropriate professionals (developers, designers, testers, managers).

Detailed description of criteria for different apps cost you can read in our blog:

What payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? What is the price range of the projects (Min. & Max.) that you catered in 2016?

We follow 3 types of payment schema:
1) "Fixed price contract" means that a customer has already determined the task and put forward an exact project cost approved by the customer. Mobiwolf covers all project risks. We require part payment upfront. For the projects with more than 1 month duration, we usually split project cost into monthly payments according to agreed milestones and appropriate intermediate deliveries.
In 2016 Mobiwolf has several big projects with the budget of >$50k and some small projects with the budget of <$10k.

2) "Development on time & material basis" means that a customer has not determined his task clearly. Project budget is formed on the basis of man hours actually spent, and can be flexibly adjusted to the changing needs for time and resources.

3) “Dedicated team” (project budget is measured in man-months) Client assemble his team of professionals of required qualification, taking full control over project progress and budget scheme.

What according to you are the parameters for client satisfaction?

There are many aspects. We can review each of them with possible cases. But the main idea may sound like that: Honesty and Trust from start to finish and win-win principle.

Enlist the benefits you experienced with our association.

Applancer focused on mobile apps developers and customers – this is exactly what we need. Dynamic improvements of the service are obvious. Mobiwolf have been using many similar platforms during the last years, but, frankly speaking, we have not felt so close contact and involvement in so lively process.

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