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Net Solutions

Net Solutions

We build future ready software products and platforms.

Since 2001, Net Solutions has been developing web applications for companies across the globe. Originally built as a web portal by hobbyist Sameer Jain, it has risen to become an internationally known...



Sameer Jain CEO Net Solutions

Sameer Jain

CEO , Net Solutions

Tell us a little about your company?

We focus on Mobility, Product Engineering, e-commerce and user experience (UX) design.

Our work has won several awards like Adobe Site of the day, Kentico Site of the Year, Internet Marketing Award and Brandon Hall Excellence Award and we continue to delight our customer with the quality of our work.
We have strong associations with technology partners like Microsoft, Google, Kentico and Amazon
We are also CMMI certified and ISO 9001 certified, which means that our processes has been validated and certified as per best industry practices.

Mention about your talent in development or your achievement in app development?

We have been one of the first few companies in India to start developing iPhone apps since the inception of iOS in 2008. We got featured in Wall Street Journal for our iPhone development skills. Since then we have developed hundreds of native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android platforms for global start-ups and enterprises. Notable apps amongst them are Coach, Mobicart, English Premier League App, Four Four Two and Ed Place.

What are your areas of specialization?

• Native App development in iOS and Android.
• Enterprise App Development in Xamarin and IBM Worklite.

Tell us about your dream projects?

We prefer to work on complex database driven apps meant to solve a particular problem within an enterprise for better customer or employee engagement. We are also open to work on an app idea which need to be developed from scratch or scaling an already built app.

Where do you see yourself down the line after 5 years?

We will like to be known as a niche services provider known to be expert at solving a certain type of complex problems, which only few players can offer.

What according to you is the most conventional way to develop an app?

Conventional way of App development is developing apps based on the client requirements.This approach is a bit transactional and assumes that the problem and solution are designed appropriately.

What is your pricing strategy & what according to you are the parameters to design the cost of app?

Our pricing strategy is simple:
• For apps with well-documented requirements, we estimate the time and effort and provide a quote.
• For apps where new product development is required and time to market is important, we prefer to work with a dedicated team of developers and bill per month for each resource.
• For maintenance projects, we prefer hourly contracts.

What is the price range of the projects (Min. & Max.) that you catered in 2016?

Min. US $10,000
Max. Not limited

What according to you are the parameters for client satisfaction?

Client satisfaction is very important. We mainly work on -
1. Quality of work - whether client is happy with the kind of work that we have delivered
2. Timely delivery - whether we have delivered the project/work within the promised timelines

We take regular feedback from our customers - about their experience with the team, communication and process being followed during the project, etc. Also, we ask for suggestions from the client on how we can improve the processes henceforth.

Enlist the benefits you experienced with our association.

Thank you for your collaboration.

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