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Program-Ace is a successful, time-proven, and innovation-oriented IT company with more than 20 years’ experience, focusing on out-of-the-box multi-platform solutions, augmented and virtual reali...



Denis Potapenko CTO Program-Ace

Denis Potapenko

CTO , Program-Ace

What do you do? Give us a general insight about your company and your focus areas?

Program-Ace has quite diverse expertise in custom software development and deep tech R&D. In 2016, we have chosen four main directions: virtual reality, AR and mixed reality, web-based solutions, and training & simulations. Program-Ace also has two daughter companies: Game-Ace, a creative studio dedicated to the custom game development, and 3D-Ace, a 2D and 3D content production division.

Tell us about your best apps developed so far?

Our entire team is extremely proud of our achievements in the field of AR, VR, and mixed reality. One of our recent developments is "Archy, the Rabbit" which represents both technologies: augmented reality and holographic computing. This application initially designed for children from 0 to 13 also won adults' hearts. It features a fluffy little rabbit that kids adore to teach them how to handle the technology. It also introduces them to the future of human-machine interaction. The app has three versions: for iPhone, Android, and HoloLens - each of which is valuable because it emphasizes the main features of devices mentioned above. For instance, the HoloLens version of "Archy" can be controlled by gestures and voice commands and has a special UI to satisfy screen needs and proper HoloLens experiences.

Another instance of the best application we have on our list is the Origami Race. This mobile game revolutionizes the concept of "endless runners" and uses HTC Vive's capacities to reach gamers in virtual reality. In this, players should physically sidestep, jump, and dodge obstacles getting paper plane through a 360-degree paper town. The audience warmly accepted the game and became extremely fascinated by the way it can be controlled.

Two other apps I want to mention were actually developed by our partners, the Game-Ace team. These two are Hexahonium, a mobile application being a blend of a turn-based game and real-time strategy takes you to the world of kingdoms, battles, and ale, and Cricket Manager, an MMO sports simulator that gives players a chance to manage the finances for a self-designed stadium and a cricket team.

What according to you would be your dream apps?

Well, the team and I are definitely looking for something interesting out there. For now, anything that involves AR, VR, and mixed reality is an area of interest for us. We are also fascinated by gaming apps and will be glad to develop and promote some for our prosperous clients.

Tell us a little about your company Vision and mission?

We are an app development partner chosen by heart. Our extensive expertise in top-notch technologies allows for delivering professional services on time and on a budget. Our mission is to establish a long-term fruitful partnership with our clients and turn each and every of them into happy regulars. We are up to the date with the latest innovations and always strive to continuous improvement.

What are your target markets?

As I told you before, we are here to fulfill our clients' aspiration and for that reason, we normally target various markets from F&B and education to finance and entertainment.

What are the parameters that you consider before selecting the platform? Throw a little light over the parameters that you use for evaluating the available platform?

It actually depends on customer's requirements and demands. First, we study the market where our client performs his/her business and analyze target users expectations. After the market research is done, we choose the most suitable and profitable platforms to place and advertise the future application.

Which platform do you prefer to build an app?

We prefer cross-platform development since it is more cost-effective and sufficient. So, basically, we can deploy your application to almost every platform. However, I do admit that sometimes there is a necessity to build native applications for security reasons and to achieve additional stability and better performance. So we also craft apps using Objective-C, Swift, Java, C++, and NDK.

Tell us a little about your pricing strategy? Give us a general insight over the costing of an app developed by your company?

I cannot tell you the exact amount because it typically depends on the task complexity, technologies we need to use, clients’ requirements, project duration, and many other things. We prefer individual approach to every client so we can hear his/her needs and initiate a discussion that will help us make our clients happy and satisfied.

In what ways Applancer is a useful platform to you?

Well, we hope you guys can help clients recognize Program-Ace among competitors and get a better understanding of what we do, how we do it, what services we provide, and how Program-Ace helps its clients achieve their business goals and KPIs.

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