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Estd. in 2010

10-49 Employees

$20,000 – $25,000

Company Profile

Sunflower Lab is premier mobile & web development company with 40+ people across two continents with three offices in Ohio, New Jersey & India. WHAT WE DO? Mobile & Web Applications, Custom Business Applications, eCommerce Applications, Strategic Consultancy, Cloud Migration, Cloud Managed Service, OpenSource Development Sunflower Lab team believe it is the quality that spearheads value, nurtures customer satisfaction & serves our clients’ business. Our relationship with Client based on simple communication and trust. Sunflower team determined to customer satisfaction and service excellence. Sunflower Lab is proficient building software on many development platforms which includes iOS/Android, Java/J2EE, Net/C#, Angular & React Js, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Groove on Grails, Python. Sunflower Lab team is always ready with cutting technology and best software development practices.

Sunflower Lab Offices

  Sunflower Lab
Columbus, Ohio, United States,

Sunflower Lab developer interview
sunflowerlab interview

Tell us a little about your company? (Give a general explanation about your domain. What do you do?)

Sunflower Lab is an intersection of technology, business, and innovation. We are a family of Software Engineer, Technology Enthusiastic, and Creative people. Our focus is to deliver a high-quality product with the highest quality of service to our clients. Sunflower Lab is proficient in building a mobile application, web application, IOT, AR/VR, Alexa and custom software applications. Sunflower Lab is AWS certified consulting partner. We help our clients for cloud migration and deployment, DevOps automation, and test automation.

CEO,Joined in 2010
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